Mapei Ultrabond ECO® 985 Hybrid-Polymer-Based, Moisture Control, and Sound-Reducing Wood Flooring Adhesive

Product # Mapei-985

Ultrabond ECO 985 is MAPEI’s premium single-component, hybrid-polymer-based wood-flooring adhesive that is formulated without water, solvents, amines, isocyanates, phthalate plasticizers or epoxy resins, and has an extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ultrabond ECO 985’s formulation provides excellent sound-reduction properties that are required for multi-unit housing. Ultrabond ECO 985 is also a moisture-controlling wood-flooring adhesive that protects wood flooring from moisture vapor emitting through concrete slabs in a single application.

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5 Gal (18.9 L)
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